family conversation


If you could be part of a rainbow, what colour would you be?

As a family, one of the best times of the day to gather and share and converse is during a meal. We can spend our entire day apart, doing our own thing, learning and growing and nurturing our creativity, but if we don’t stop to share our stories and appreciate one another, things won’t always solidify as they should. Talking about something that’s bothering us or exciting us is so important to our growth and emotional/mental balance.

Something more or less exploding in the digital realm that really brings a family together and helps to cultivate that important conversation are conversation starter cards. What are these cards? Just as the name implies, they’re printable conversational boosters that give us the power to question ourselves and dig deep. They can be fun, they can be simple little things, but they help us to gather around and pay attention to one another, which is such a special thing in today’s fast-paced, busy and very technical world.

I’ve created the first set in my Regale Me! series of conversational starters and am offering up a sheet for FREE to try! If you like them, there’s an entire set of 48 cards to download for just $5.99 CAD over at my little printables shop!

If you could heal just one problem in the world, what would it be and why?

So try out a page of these fun conversation starters at your next family meal, and see what happens! Just save and print! And enjoy!