Kepler Academy


Kepler Academy Early Learning & Child Care is a one-of-a-kind facility that boasts innovative child care and an exploratory education approach that is refreshingly atypical. The name “Kepler” being synonymous with discovery, “All elements of [their] process are purposefully designed to provide children with the skills needed for a head start in life.” Incorporating Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf philosophies, children learn through a scientifically-backed education involving interaction, discovery, and play.

The range of ages covers: Infant Child Care, Toddler Child Care, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Out-of-School care. Staff undergo a substantial training and on-boarding program before starting at Kepler Academy, and are also provided with ongoing professional and personal development opportunities. See their website for more information. Kepler Academy is truly unique and is game-changing in the childcare realm. Book a visit and see for yourself just how incredible their facilities are! I was thoroughly impressed upon my visitation to their downtown Edmonton location. The staff were so welcoming and kind, the rooms were bright and open, and the children were so involved and energetic. I felt I was in the midst of a completely different structure of childcare: something incredibly conducive to learning in a fun and exciting way, and a place I’d be honoured to have my children be a part of.

So it goes without saying that I was incredibly honoured to be a part of the making of Kepler Academy’s very own book, “You’ll Do Big Things!”. This book covers the day-to-day activities that a child may partake in at Kepler Academy. A short and sweet description of the excitement to be had through a child’s point of view. A story that demonstrates how Kepler balances learning with play.

Working with Kepler’s staff on this creative project was absolutely a thrill. Not only did they provide me with everything I needed in terms of information and guidelines, but they were integral in their support and enthusiasm – every step of the way. It was a project I’ll not soon forget. Writing and illustrating the book took me on an exciting journey that allowed me to peek into the brilliant minds behind the Kepler Academy approach.

Excited for my very first book reading of “You’ll Do Big Things!” at Kepler Academy

If you’re curious about this unprecedented childcare program, please feel free to book a tour of a Kepler Academy facility today! When you do so, you’ll get a free copy of “You’ll Do Big Things!” to enjoy with your little one.

Signing copies for the kids!

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