printable holiday tags


I’ve always been disorganized when it comes to wrapping gifts. I enjoy it, but I’m disorganized. I wrap at the last minute. I don’t measure. I don’t go slow with the scissors (can you say, choppy?). And I’m certainly not a pro with the tape. So anything to make my life easier, I’ll take! Especially if it means I don’t have to give a gift to someone with my messy pen-scrawl in permanent marker all over the pretty wrap. Enter THESE cute little scrumptious holiday gift tags!

I designed these little cuties a couple years back, and actually used them on my presents – I was excited to! But I revamped them this year, and decided to post ’em so that everyone can print and use them! Because gift tags aren’t always free.

What’s better than printing a coupon? Printing some adorable, FREE gift tags – without the headache of leaving your home. (Unless, of course, you’ve run out of paper…or ink. Then yes, a coupon would definitely help.)

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