stand out billboard


We see them everyday. On the way to work, through the windows at our office, while we head out for lunch and then back home again. Whenever we’re out and about, they’re there, displaying proudly to all who pass by. By any standard, a digital billboard is noticeable by its bright display and colours. But does the actual ad stand out? And if not, how can we make it so?

1. White Space Real Estate

We, as spectators, need to see some empty space to help draw our eyes to the important items that are intended to be seen in a billboard design. Don’t fill up all the space. It’s a balance.

2. Be Bold with Contrast and Colour

Get out your colour wheel – the eye is attracted to bright colours and big contrast. This doesn’t mean your entire sign has to be one big giant rainbow. Just make sure you’ve got a nice, bold balance between colours, images and text, and don’t choose drab colours that don’t pronounce your message well.

3. Elemental Flow

When you look at your ad, does your eye flow easily from one component to another? Place your text and images in a way that’s not going to be work for your intended audience.

4. What’s Essential

Too much information and too many design elements can confound passerby – and that’s not going to get your principle message across in the limited time hurried folks have. Just place the important items and the key elements into your design.

5. Size it for Scale

Too often we glance at a billboard design and can’t read the tiny text if sizing hasn’t been considered. But when your viewers are a great distance away, you’ll need to make sure that you are scaling your text so that it’s simple, bold and visible. Don’t lose their interest. Increase the chances of a double-take!

And when all is said and done, have another pair of eyes (or two, or three) look over your design to be sure there isn’t something you can improve upon. It’s a big deal to display your ad up and out there, so make sure you’ve done all you can to perfect it!